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Zac Efron flexing shirtless in Neighbors


Zac Efron flexing shirtless in Neighbors

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After relax on couch drinking good beer and watching the game Louis will pulls Niall until the bathroom, put Niall in his knees and start to piss all over his face and mouth. When he’s done pissing on Niall, he will shove his cock in Niall’s mouth and proceed to fuck his face.
When he cums Niall won’t stop sucking until Louis’ hard again, then Louis will turn Niall and fuck his ass hard and deeply.

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Zayn is alone in home,his boyfriend Niall is in Ireland for vacation.”Aww Niall, I don’t know if I can survive to 3 months without you.” Zayn says sighing.” I know love, but I can’t let my family now.” Niall groans jumping on his bed.”Just of listen your voice I get horny… See.” Zayn says mysteriously and turn off the phone.After 1 minute Niall receives a message, he open the message and see a photo of the beautiful cock of his boyfriend. Before than Niall have a chance to reply the message he receives a text of Zayn.”He wants your pretty mouth on him and fill your little tight ass…” Niall loses his breath, he was going to reply, but Zayn send him another text.
"Do you want him inside you Niall? Filling you with my seed?" Zayn wait for an answer, but don’t received no message from Niall, he try call him, but no one answered, he thinks that he said something that Niall don’t like, he decided go sleep.
Zayn wakes up on dawn with someone knocking on the door, he open the door seeing his boyfriend with a backpack, Niall attacks Zayn’s lips, he close the door and pushes Zayn until the couch, he sits on Zayn’s lap and says.
"The answer is yes, I want you inside me more than everything."
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I ship both and I’m curios which one is popular so

Like for Ziam


Reblog for Ziall

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When Zayn starts on The X Factor he was passing for a dry of sex. I wanna say, Zayn was a total whore, he loved the feeling of a big penis on his ass and he couldn’t of hide this from anyone. He was really needing sex, of course he could make with one of his bandmates, but they was all teenagers who almost don’t have any hair on they fragile bodies, and Zayn need a true man, and there was Matt, the man was a sex god, his strong arms, his beard, his everything.
When Zayn finally get him on his bed was even better than he imagined, Matt would put Zayn in dog style and fuck him like a bitch, Matt would talk dirty too, he would say that Zayn is a whore and that he was fucking Zayn every day, I don’t need say that Zayn loved.

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I bet that sometimes when they are making sex Liam will pull Niall’s face on his armpits, and Niall love it of course, he loves the feeling of the hairy, smelly and sweaty pits on his face.

xx Anonymous

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Ed ever was one of that’s rude guys, who drink while watch a game, let dirt by the house and scream to everybody listen that his team make a goal, who don’t care about the neighbors when makes a party and curses for nothing.
Yet Harry is the exact opposite, an educated boy, who like everything be on they place and clean the house almost ever, who is extremely lovely with every single one on the neighborhood and barely never curses.
Who sees them separately, never could thing that they live together, or that they are married to three years, or that Harry rides Ed’s monster cock every night.

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Niall’s the typical nerd of class, and he’s deeply in love with Louis, the more pretty and popular boy of school. “I’m so cliche” Niall thinks, but he can’t control himself, Louis is so hot and funny and cute and everything that Niall dreams about since ever.
Niall never even have spoke with Louis, so his surprise when a Louis shirtless, sweaty, and holding a ball call him to play football, Niall blush and said that he don’t know play, Louis insists until Niall accept.
Coming in the locker room Niall strange that all the place is completely empty, he would ask where was all when was pushed against the wall of the locker room. “Louis! What you’re doing?” Niall asks, eyes closed with fear of what Louis would do with he, but rather than take a punch he’s kissed,Niall open his eyes to see Loius with eyes closed, “He looks so cute” Niall think and Louis moves away.
"I wait so much to this" Louis says and back to press his body on Niall’s body, Niall’s to much shocked to say something and lets Louis to what he wants. They pass a long time just kissing when Niall take a breth and said something for the first time since they are there. "I need you inside of me" Niall groans and Louis feels confident. Louis bit Niall’s ear and whispered sexually, "Suck me first" Niall groan high and watch Louis remove his sport shorts he was not using underwear, so he was dressing only socks, Niall groans again, that was totally the best view that he already had. Louis sat with open legs e smile for Niall "What are you waiting for?" Niall couldn’t believe that this was really happening he literally dream with it more times that he can count.
He walks until Louis getting on his knees, he take a breath feeling Louis manly smell and thats all that Niall wants smell for the rest of his life. Niall kiss the pink head and start to kitten lick all the cock and groin licking the sweat out of Louis. Louis was groaning so loud that was clear he was close, so he stop Niall and kiss he deeply while takes Niall’s clothes off, he groan again with the vision of Niall’s pale skinny body, Niall looks so small and pretty, Louis just can’t wait anymore, he lay with Niall on wood floor, he start to lick two fingers but Niall don’t think he could be prepared without cumming, “Just do it” Niall said and Louis look confused for him. “Do you already did this? This can be painful.” Louis said and Niall smiles for he, “No Louis, this is my first time, but trust me, I wait all my life for this and if you don’t put that dick insede of me now I will punch you” Niall said desperate, well he don’t have to say twice, Louis spits on his hand and rub his long cock lubricating him the most possible, he slowly penetrate, Louis fight against the will of shove all inside, when he is finaly all inside he wait Niall get used with his size, he kiss Niall lovely,  Niall pass his arms on Louis’ neck, Louis see this like Niall has already confortable so he start to move slowly making the two groan loud.
Niall moans Louis’ name and this only make Louis even more horny, Louis start to go stronger and deeply, every move of Louis put Niall a little more close of the edge until he came cumming all his belly, Louis feel Niall’s wall pressing his cock and followed Niall cumming inside the smaller, They stay kissing each other at the same position for a long time, when Louis’ dick becomes soft he finaly takes out of Niall’s ass plucking groans of they two.
"Sorry that I came so fast" Niall blush and Louis smiled, "You was perfect, and will be even better next time" Louis said and Niall’s smiled bigger than never "So will have a next time?" He asks "Of course will, but only with accept be my boyfriend" Niall never was more happy on his life, he kiss Louis deeply saying countless "Yes".

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