Skies of Fall
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Completed two NSFW commissions feat. niall and liam <3

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(Fonte: paycero)

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Liam Payne was a riot on instagram today!


Liam Payne was a riot on instagram today!

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Niam AU: YouTuber Niall “Nialleprechaun” Horan often finds his videos are interrupted by his boyfriend, Liam Payne. Not that he really minds, of course.

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Pairings: Ziall, Nouis, Niam, Lilo

Warnings: Smut/Underage/First Time/

Summary: Harry have a new job, but don’t have no one to take care of his 11 years old child, Niall. In one desperate moment he decides call his nephew, Louis Tomlinson, who quickly come to help, together with his boyfriend Liam and his friend Zayn.

AN: Sorry for any mistake.

Harry was late for work travel. When he finished packing his bags the doorbell rang, was Louis, Harry’s 17 years old nephew that Harry hired for take care of his 11 year old son Niall during the weekend cuz he would never let his only son with a total stranger.

"Who are them?" Harry asked when opened the door finding three boys including his nephew.

"They are my boyfriend and my friend, they will help me to take care of Niall" Louis say with a big smile on his face.

"Louis…" Harry closed his eyes and moaned. "I don’t have for that, just try don’t burn the house and take care of your cousin."

"Ok! uncle, we will give our best to nothing get out of control"

Harry go away and Louis called for Niall, Niall down the stairs, like his father he wear clothes so he was naked “Hey Niall how are you?” Louis hugging Niall.

"Fine." Niall whispered shyly burying his face in the neck of Louis .

"Well, how you can see whe have two idiots here, this is my boyfriend Liam" Louis says and points to the boy’s left smiling for Niall waving "And the other you already know it’s Zayn" Louis said pointing to the boy’s right who was blush, that was true, Niall knew Zayn since last summer when the Louis brought him for his birthday party.

"Hey." Niall says shyly to Zayn that answers with a shy "Hey."

Louis put Niall down “Put some clothes ok”, Niall ran up stairs to dress himself.

"See Liam? He’s a good boy, my uncle Harry will pay us, and when I say us I want to say me just to take care of him, it’s easy money" Louis said smiling to Liam, he really don’t need to convince Zayn since he had realized that Zayn had a crush for the boy, Zayn was 15 while Liam was 16 years old "And if we were lucky, we can still have a bit of fun" a chill ran down Zayn spine when Louis said this, but he just ignored.

Louis and Liam sat on the couch across the room without leaving space for Zayn who sat on the floor trying unsuccessfully not to look at Niall that was already dressed. They passed almost one hour watching TV until Niall fall sleep on the coach, Louis was the only one awake.

"Liam, Liam." Louis call his boyfriend getting a "Hum!" moaned by Liam, Louis smiles and gets up from the couch, "Go sleep in the guest room, I‘ll put Niall in his bed, Wake Zayn, he will sleep on the coach." Louis said carrying Niall, he take Niall to his room, he gently laid Niall on his bed when he was leaving Niall hold his hand.

"What’s up baby?" Louis asked for the kid who still with his eyes closed.

"I can’t sleep without a goodnight kiss." Niall answered and Louis smiles from the boy naivety. "Ok cuddly." Louis replied, he pressed his lips without hesitation on Niall’s lip, Niall was confused, but don’t protest.

"That’s not how my dad does." Niall said blushing.

"Don’t you like?" Louis asked looking sad and Niall get his eyes open wide.

"No, I liked it, I liked." Niall said jumping on the bed and Peach pecking kisses on  Louis’ face, Louis laughed and hugged the smaller for the waist, he grabbed the boy and lay back on the bed climbing on top of him.

"Tickle attack." Louis said laughing loudly and starts to tickle in Niall laughing uncontrolled beneath him. "Are you okay Niall?" Louis asked when Niall a rather loose a groan choked laugh.

"It hurts Lou." Niall complains almost crying and Louis get off him thinking that he was hurting him with his weight, but when he sat next to the small boy he realizes that was not quite what he have in mind.

"Lou what is happening? It hurts." Niall said and Louis looked he confused.

"Is this the first this happen Ni?" He asked and Niall nods, Louis bites her lip looking at the view, he felt a strange pride being the first to provide such a sensation for Niall. "You want me to make it go little men?" Louis asks, his face getting closer to Niall who just moans, Louis takes that as a yes and seal your lips again. Louis deepens the kiss breathless leaving Niall, Louis puts his hands on bare belly of Niall, sliding his pants down. The size difference excited Louis, the minor doesn’t even reach his waist and looks that Louis wasn’t very tall, Louis dropped kissing Niall’s neck leaving small love bites throughout its length, Louis wanted to bite him with all his strength to brand it as their own, but he knew that he couldn’t.

"What are you doing?" Niall asked innocently and Louis drop a chuckle on Niall’s neck .

"I’m helping you? Don’t you want?" Louis asks and Niall closed his eyes tightly, "I want." It was the only thing that Niall could whisper through his timidity. Louis pulls Niall’s pants down getting a mouthful of water Niall wasn’t wearing anything under the pajama pants which left his small pale willy sample. Niall sighed relieved by pressure loss but Louis quickly holds his dick with one hand while the other was make caress in his head, Louis started slow movements while licked the nipple.

Niall was confused he never felt like this before, in the beginning he was afraid but now it just felt a pleasure that seemed to come from his inside and took all his body, Niall gave a loud groan that seemed to echo through the room.

"Shhhhh, Niall be a good boy and be low for your big cousin, ok? You’re a good boy right?" Louis whispers in Niall’s ear while increasing the speed in the smaller prick, he was afraid that Liam or Zayn listen to them, the fact that one of they could enter any time was at the same time scary and excited. Niall shook his head biting his lip to hold back a moan "You‘re so cute." Louis said smiling against the skin of Niall.

"I have to pee." Niall said groaning.

"Let it go Ni." Louis said and Niall come dry. Louis one last kiss on Niall and left the bed "Good night Ni." he said and starts to walk out of the room ignoring the latent erection between his thighs, but Niall holds her hand again.

"What Niall?" Louis asked looking to him, Niall points and Louis follows with looking up his erection, Louis blushes and stammers "W-What was Ni? You want to help me to go too?" Louis asks and Niall nods saying yes.

Niall sits and Louis climbs in bed getting on your knees, getting his crotch in front of Niall’s face, he ran one hand through his hair and say to Niall take his shorts off, Niall Pull Louis shorts off he wasn’t wearing underwear so his cock jumped nearly hitting Niall’s face.

Niall holds Louis’ cock that loose a loud groan, Niall couldn’t close his hand on Louis penis and have difficulties to move, but Louis would not complain he was loving the feeling that the small hand of the boy was giving him, he looked at Niall biting lips he was a crazy idea.

"Why don’t you put your mouth in it Ni?” He said and looked at Niall confused "Just pretend it’s a lollipop." Louis said and Niall nods, but doesn’t move "Was something wrong?"

Asked Louis and Niall blush, Louis analyzed the minor and smiled confident “You don’t need be afraid Ni, it’s just me, I promise you will like” Louis said with his cockhead next to Niall’s mouth “Niall I said to you be lower but you can talk.”

"We can do this I saw Dad once…" Niall said shyly and Louis gets all confused "What would be that love?" Louis asked rubbing Niall’s little cheeks with his fingers. "He put his willy inside a man." Once Niall said Louis froze, he did not think Niall would ask something like that, not that he was complaining of course. He couldn’t imagine going so far with Niall, he was afraid to hurt the small boy but he couldn’t resist the request of Niall.

"Okey Ni, but first I have to tell you, if we do it, will hurt in the beginning, then will become better while we progress. Get it? At first it hurts a lot, do you trust me?" Louis asked sitting in front of Niall who nods "I would never do anything bad to you, okay? You still want to do this?" Louis question, Niall seems afraid but quickly says yes, Louis said to Niall to wait and goes take a bottle lub.

Louis back and Niall still was in the same position, he lies and tell Niall to lay down on him and Niall do what Louis said, his willy was trapped between their belly. Louis swallows nervous and kiss Niall again while lubricates his bottom hole, when Louis thinks it’s enough of lubrication He penetrates Niall with one finger, Niall buried his pretty little face on Louis’ neck whimpering in pain, Louis was feeling amazing with his fingers inside Niall’s tight ass, only in think that in a few moments he will be with his cock inside get him in frenzy. Their penis was stuck together between their bellies Louis’ was almost tree bigger that Niall’s one.

Louis in a slow movement put another finger and started a go and back move letting Niall crazy. They kiss madly then Louis decided it was the perfect time for the next finger, he hopes Niall get used to your fingers and without warning fits the third finger.

Niall groan in pain but had his cry muffled Louis’ mouth, Louis wait for a few seconds that seemed like hours before start to move his fingers. Niall pressed his arms around Louis’ neck, the movements were quick and restless, Niall was writhing and Louis pulled his fingers out of him.

Niall whimpered at the lost and Louis kisses him, Louis’ tongue teased Niall. “You sure you want it?” Louis asked staring Niall.

"Yeah." Niall said softly.

Louis raised Niall’s little body and hold his cock, he straightened his penis towards Niall’s loose hole, he slowly put Niall’s body down in his cock doing stops to Niall get used to his size , Louis had to control every inch of his body to not put Niall down once and impale he with his penis.

Niall was crying softly on Louis’ shoulder, Louis penis was way bigger that his fingers he continued to penetrate until Niall was full of him, Louis could cum only with the feel of Niall ass pressing him, but he controlled himself, he couldn’t cum yet. He waited for a few minutes to Niall get used, he held Niall waist tightly leaving the mark of his fingers, he slowly thrust his hips against Niall, trying to drive up the deepest possible within Niall.

Louis realizes that Niall still was crying then starts to kiss Niall‘s pretty face “Shh, baby, shh, it’s okay, you will feel good.” Louis whispers in Niall’s ear.

Niall wrinkled his nose as the pain is turning into pleasure and loose an audible groan “You’re so good to me baby.” Louis said grabbing Niall’s hair and increasing speed.

"Why do not you try to rides my willy alone Ni? Like a horse. Would you do it for your big cousin?" Louis asked and Niall groan so he puts his arms behind his head and moaned loudly while Niall begins to move up and down, ridding Louis cock.

"Aww, So tight, just for me, Awww." Louis moaned uncontrollably, he felt his cock being pressed for Niall’s tight ass.

He tried to control his orgasm leaving the youngest do the entire work but it does not take much time to he felt like he couldn’t control anymore, when he begins to feel a heat in his stomach, he was coming, he moves his hands to Niall waist and begins to move faster, giving strong thrusts.

After several thrusts Louis felt Niall’s muscles tightening around him, he knew that Niall had cum dry for the second time that night. He couldn’t hold back any longer and came, pouring his hot liquid into the small hole filling it completely.

They passed a long time in same position just kissing each other, Louis felt his cock soften even within Niall, he changed his position coming out of Niall, he lay Niall in the bed and admired the whole small blushed body of the youngest.

Louis saw the white liquid oozing out of Niall’s little pink hole, he too realized a bit of blood and something brown together, both of they was covered by a thin layer of sweat.

Louis saw how Niall is embarrassed and decides to break the silence, he lowers and smells “I think we better take a bath.” Niall’s laughed and raised his arms Louis pass Niall’s arms around his neck and his legs around his waist.

Louis carries Niall to the bathroom and they take a bath together, when they finish Louis carries Niall back to bed he wears Niall with a clean pajama pants.

"You can’t tell this to anybody, ok Ni? Neither to Dad, this is our little secret, ok?" Louis said a bit nervous, if Niall told this to someone he was screwed. Niall nods with close eyes, almost sleeping.

"Our little secret?" Louis asked biting his lips and raising his little finger, Niall joins his little finger with Louis and smile.

"Our little secret." Niall whispers sleepily.

"Good night Ni." Louis give a kiss on Niall’s forehead and leaves the room, he walks, or rather, runs to the guest room where his boyfriend Liam was sleeping.

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Im so obsessed with Austin’s armpits it looks so lickables and touchables like I wanna sleep in them


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